Many places throughout society where cleanliness is key, such as hospitals, senior welfare facilities, public health facilities, restaurants, and public places, have recently fallen prey to environmental pollution. Unfortunately, the elderly, children, and the sick are becoming increasingly ill due to the emergence of staphylococcus aureus - a form of bacteria not affected by antibiotics. Dongbu's high quality steel sheet is coated with paint containing an inorganic anti-bacterial agent.

This specially treated paint bonds the ions of crystallized aminosilicate (an alkaline earth metal) and acts as a deodorant to polar substances, non-saturated carbons, and ion exchanges. It also has heat resistant and anti-decolorization properties. As long as this special paint remains on the steel sheet, it will always keep its anti-bacterial, deodorant, and fungus resistance properties. Crafting our products to ensure the good health of people and the environment is one way Dongbu Steel enhances society.

Inside panel of a food factory

Aseptic room in a hospital

Children's play room